The Ladies of The Kingdom

After long debating (between my right and left ears) whether or not to open another blog, I've decided to do so and would like to dedicate this blog to ladies of my heart - mom, aunt and grandma who has been cooking for me and feeding me since I know how to open my mouth for tasty food, until now, how to cook yummy foods myself.

We are a big fat Southern family where food is well known for its strong and spicy taste.  Mom is an excellent cook.

She learned how to cook since very young age from her elder cook. She's been catering since I remember growing up with. Her well-known Massaman Curry and Kanoom-Jeen-Nam-Ya is to die for. As other Thai-Southerner, mom LOVEEEE spicy food and never shy about her spices when she cooks. Often that I automatically "cry" while scooping her Kanoom-Jeen-Mam-Ya into my burning mouth and that when a BIGGG tray of assorted, fresh vegetables comes to recuse.

Aunt, whom I grew up with is a modern cook. She loves to try on new recipes from cookbooks by herself and have me as her personal Guinea Pig. I was such a good girl, back then, who always told the truth and that caused me to be nibbling more and more till she got it right....Now, I thank her for that because my taste buds are obviously boot camp trained to pin point exactly the right taste.

Grandma, our kitchen CEO. She will make sure that there is always food in the kitchen when somebody whines "I'mmmmm hungryyyy." and if there is not enough food, she would use her magic wand aka spatula, to bring out the food for just a split second. Though she is now ninety-two, she still loves making a delicious fish dish for everyone.

They are my big influences when it comes to my cooking. Even though I never cook for myself before, when I was with them, I was always eyeballing and nibbling around them in the kitchen.

These blog is truly dedicated to them, the ladies of my heart, who always makes sure I eat today.

Oh...and DAD....of course (feel like a beauty pageant), you are a man of my heart too, but these kitchen is ruled by the ladies of the kingdom. So, for now, you can just sit leisurely and enjoy our "royal" food.
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