Friday, June 15, 2012

Brunch at ABC's Kitchen

After our last get together for brunch - two months ago - our lovely foodie friend, Grimm, suggested that we should do it again, next time at ABC's kitchen, and she made the reservation right after that.

I've heard about the ABC's kitchen a while ago, watched the first introduced to the public, the interview of Paulette Cole, ABC Home CEO & Creative Director, about the idea of starting the restaurant right inside the ABC home furnishing building- across from the ABC home carpets- , and I didn't pay much attention to it.

To me, the ABC is the place I love to go browsing around, enjoying looking at their home furnishing collections, and the place where we buy our carpet, and never bother to stop and check out the restaurant located down to the back of the home furnishing store.

When Grimm suggested that the ABC's kitchen should be the next our get-together, I agreed. So we will get the taste of chef Jean-Georges and enjoy all the unique light fixtures and the table wears at the same time.

Turkey sandwich and fried

 Smoked salmon topped over crispy mashed potato.

We didn't go with the full course, which would have been too much food for us judging from the portion they serve. As always, we ordered different plates, and we got to taste a bit of each other, we love them all. They are tasty, and it's worth to come back for other plates I have my eyes on - like crispy shrimp salad I saw from the table next to our table.

 ABC's Sundae

At the end, we washed it down with the famous ABC's Sundae, which made my generous sweet tooth stays sweet for the next whole month.


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