Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Strawberry Ice Pop

The real summer is here - muggy and sticky all together out side. But hey, there is no complain about it when my freezer is already stuffed with yummy homemade fruity ice pop.

It is totally appropriate time to grab a bunch of berries and make all delicious foods, drinks and desserts out of them since Summer will be gone before we know it, and all the berries are very cheap during this time of year.

This is the recipe from the same recipe of my Lime Shake but I left out the alcohol this time. It's quick and easy ice pop and when I ran out of the mold, it is turned to be a sorbet in a pretty bowl!

- A pack of very ripe strawberries with strong sweet smell.
- 1/4 cup lime juice
- 1/4 simple syrup
- a pinch of salt

Put everything in a blender, and blend it until smooth, taste it, adjust the taste, put in a mold, and freeze them. How's that easy!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Blueberry Pie

It's time for all berries. They are at reasonable price right now - strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, etc., and I love it. Yesterday, I got two pints of blueberry for $3, which is a good deal for me when normally I have to pay $4-$5 a pint...Ouch!!

So when I get a good deal of blueberries, I make pie.

This time I used the recipe from Baking with Julia cookbook, and I love it already. The pie crust is flaky crisp, the blueberry filling is delicious with a perfect balance of tang and sweet. It is one of my favorite recipe for now.

The problem is, again, this 9 inches pie is too much for two of us, so I think I have to share it with our neighbor as always.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Egg Wrap

Kai Yud Sai

Another comfort dish to eat with steamed rice. You'll get all of everything in this one yummy pouch. I just think it's a great idea to make almost-tasteless-egg into a sheet and use it as a wrap to wrap a very tasteful stuffing, and make it a very well balance taste in one bite.

It might look complicated - with the egg sheet......well, believe me it isn't- a good swirl to a pan will do the job.

- 2 eggs, beaten with 1 tsp. soy sauce, set aside.
- 1/3 cup ground pork
- 2 tbsp. diced carrot
- 2 tbsp. diced tomatoes
- 2 tbsp. diced onions
- 2 tbsp. small chopped string beans
- 2 tbsp. chopped green onion

- 1 tbsp. oyster sauce
- 1 tbsp. soy sauce
- 1 tbsp. sugar
-1 tsp. ground pepper
- 2 tbsp. saute oil

Make stuffing

1. Small saute pan on hot oil, add ground pork, onion, saute until fragrant.
2. In goes, carrot, tomatoes, string beans (leave the green onion for the last) saute for 2 min.
3. Start seasoning with oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar. Saute to incorporate together for a minute.
4. Add green onion, sprinkle in ground pepper, give a quick stir then turn off the heat.
Set aside.

Next, the egg sheet.

1. A new frying pan on medium heat, add 1 tbsp. oil. Swirl the pan making sure the oil coat the surface including the up rim of the pan.

2. Add the beaten egg to the pan, and quickly swirl the pan, spreading the egg into a thin sheet. The trick is to keep swirling for the egg to gradually spread until there is no liquid egg left. Turn the heat to low heat, and let the egg cook until the rim of the egg start to pull back from the pan. Turn the heat off.

Wrapping the egg sheet when it's still warm is more easier.

Spoon the stuffing on the egg sheet, and fold it close all four sides. Place a serving plate on top of the egg sheet, and flip the pan, so that the folding seams are hided.

Done!....with this egg wrapping technique, you can adapt into other wrapping as well, such as, instead of this stuffing, make fried-rice(without egg) and wrap it with egg sheet. It delicious too.
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