Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lunch at Sharaku, East Village

I have been avoiding being in the kitchen for a while after the mercury keeps raising, and we already hit 92 degrees today.

After I had been thinking of sashimi for all week long, we decided to drop by Sharaku, another Japanese restaurant in the neighborhood, on 9th street btw 2 & 3 Ave, for lunch.

They offer lunch menu and, of course, sashimi is on the list. When it comes to sashimi, I usually go to another place which was reasonable for both the price and the quality of the food, but, lately, we have been noticing that the quality of the food's gradually dropping when they reopened after the renovation.

Some of the dishes have been changed along with the new price that turns out we have to pay more for less than what it used to be, so I gave them back a ring and broke up with them.....and go back to Sharaku.

Since I have to pay more, why not pay for good quality then. Sharaku is a bit pricier compares to the place I just broke up with, but the quality of the food is also better.

Their lunch menu is reasonable at $7 to $13 with all the side dishes - soup or salad, 1 choice of appetizer, a bow of white or brown rice.

I went for sashimi, $13, which comes with a bow of rice and soup or salad - I chose salad because of the DRESSINGggggg.

I love salad dressing here, it's rich, but not like mayo-rich. They use carrot, daikon, ginger and some other root vegetables to make it rich by grating them up very finely to give the dressing creamy-like body, and it's really tasty.

My husband went for fried salmon with some kind of sauce with the soup, California rolls and brown rice, $7.

Mine didn't come with appetizer, so I ordered shrimp tempura separately.....yum!

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