Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stir-fired Fillet White Fish With Celery Leaves

This dish's called Pla-Pad-Kuen-Chai inThai (Pla = Fish, Pad = Stir fired, Kuen-Chai = Chinese Celery)

Next time if you don't know what to do with celery leaves left after using all of their stalks, try this dish and you will never throw away celery leaves again.

Chinese celery leaves

Tilapia fillet or any kind of white fish

I've heard many people ask if celery leaves are edible. Oh Yes, they are - celery leaves is commonly used in Asian cooking. They taste good and make you feel better with your food - low calorie, high fiber, help lower blood pressure, and some medicine benefit is mentioned.

Now, pair them up with low calorie kind of fish, what else I can say.

Any white fish you like.
This time I went to fish market too late, all they had in the stall was fillet Tilapia, so that's what I'm using.

- 2 pieces of fillet white fish, cut to a bit big bite size.
- a bunch of Chinese celery, roughly chopped.
- 3 cloves of garlic, crushed.
- 2 part tapioca flour, 1 part rice flour - mix together.
- oil for frying the fish.
- 1 tbsp. saute oil

Black fermented soy beans.

Seasoning Sauce (Mix all the following together in a small bowl)

- 1 tbsp. black fermented soy beans.
- 1 tbsp. soy sauce.
- 1 tsp. oyster sauce.
- 2 tbsp. sugar.
- 1 tsp. Asian white cooking wine
- 1 tbsp. lukewarm water

Note: the black fermented soy beans is strongly salty. Start with a little, taste it, then gradually add up because the salty taste is very hard to be fixed once it already is.

Seasoning mixture

1. Heat up the frying oil.
2. Put all cut white fish in the flours mixture.
3. Fry the floured fish until golden crisp, rest them on the rack.
4. In the same wok or pan, take out all the frying oil, put in saute oil.
5. Put in crushed garlic until fragrant.
6. In goes, the crispy fish, celery leaves and seasoning mixture. Give a quick stir (if you feel it's too dry, add a tbsp. of extra water.)
7. Taste the taste and adjust to your taste. Turn off the heat.
8. Serve with steamed rice.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fresh Pasta Couldn't Be More Fresh.

For the pass couple of days I had a handful of my orders and hunting for supplies, in order to help me, my husband put on his cooking pants most of the times.

So, when I mentioned I wanted a meat grinder attachment for my KitchenAid, I got it within the next two days because he, too, wanted to have fun with it. The set comes with five pasta making plates and two meat grinding plates.

I don't buy ground meat from supermarket. I just don't. If I need ground meat I'll do it myself from a chunk of meat - either pork or beef - so I know what part of meat I really have.

Now that my husband had ordered a set of KitchenAid attachment "For Me", we had to make something.

I wanted a meat grinder attachment because I wanted to make Thai spicy sausages. My husband, on the other hand, always wanted to try on making fresh pasta, and now the kitchen is his, we made pasta.

He made all the pasta dough himself, and with our four hands together we made funny looking pasta noodle.

At first, the dough was too wet, so when strands of pasta came out form a pasta making plate they stuck together.

It took a while before I finally got a grip with trying to separate all the strands when my husband already backed off an got busy with his pasta sauce instead. My kitchen floor and my whole body was ended up covered with flour all over.....what a mess!

But, no complain! here....though the pasta look funny, it tastes good, and really has a texture of fresh dough - a bit gooey (in a nice way), and, all of the matter, the sauce' d made every things perfect.

Now next time would be my turn having fun with these set of KitchenAid attachment - Thai spicy sausages. Uhmm....I think I also need sausage feeding tube!!
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